Fiona has created a warm and welcoming sanctuary for inward thinking and creative expression. The creative meditation classes enable me to loosen up my body and mind for exploration 🙂     

I loved the creative meditation classes run by Fiona. She brought wonderful creativity to every class so that most weeks a different approach was taken. Fiona has a meditative and soothing voice which is calming in meditation and encourages self expression.

Fiona has a presence about her that immediately puts you at ease, and certainly a sense of calmness and clarity is immediately noticeable. During a time of extreme crisis for a family member (22, male), my instinct was to ask Fiona to support him, and I credit this decision for still having him in my life. The priority being on him becoming more grounded within himself and opening himself to his own sources of strength accompanied by a self awareness, that had been repressed from a young age. It was these qualities he needed to be able to halt a significant downward spiral, and begin having clarity over how to stabilise in the now and become clearer about his own needs now and into the immediate future. To see him glow, and this sense of happiness and peace on his face that I have never seen before in him, was truly remarkable! Fiona’s ability to be able to so softly and gently reach out to people, and support them in their journey is quite remarkable. I have not only experienced seeing this directly with someone so close to me, but I know of many people who have felt the same. Fiona has a skill complemented by her personal qualities, the full complement of which being undefined and immeasurable, however, the results she achieves are substantial and tangible and most significantly they are consistent and reliable. I hold Fiona in the highest of esteem. During a time of crisis when conventional methods seemed to be achieving very little, when it was becoming increasingly apparent that we may lose the battle for a young man’s life, Fiona was pivotal in changing that path. It was the most significant occasion in my life, where I trusted my instincts versus measures, science and conventional wisdom. Fiona’s professionalism and inherent skills are ones that all practitioners should aspire to. 

Fiona creates such a warm and nurturing space for self exploration and healing to take place.

Fiona provides a truly nurturing space in which to explore your inner being. In this space she guides her creative meditations with gentleness and diligence. Her classes are an inspiring haven for your imagination.

Creative meditation allows me to connect to my inner truth and express it in a safe and nurturing environment.

Creative meditation allows me to connect to my inner truth and express it in a safe and nurturing environment.

I just wanted to say I have found your creative meditation classes, a very loving, supportive and nurturing environment. It has opened up my mind to heaps of creative ideas and adventures that i would not have otherwise experienced. I can honestly say i look forward to my Tuesday evenings.  It’s been a class full of fun and lots of laughter too.

Basket weaving workshop in the plenty gorge – with wool, reeds, twigs, bark – anything. wonderful wonderful. Thank you Fiona”

Just wanting you to know how much I have valued learning with you. I found participating in the Intro to Creativity course I did with you so helpful. You offered so many different mediums and opportunities to express my “locked’ creativity. I gained such delight in learning to make baskets with rosemary, at your basket making workshop and have appreciated your gentle encouragement. Thank you so much!  

It was such a great day! thank you lovely ladies. please keep doing this as i think it is such a great project.

I had fun letting go and doing quick sketches/portraits on PT/in the city. Great company,  stimulating art and creativity flows. Highly recommend.

The contour drawing was fun, and you made it approachable. it can be quite daunting sketching someone – so was good to see everyone getting caught up in the moment and having a laugh.

As Fi does, she takes everyone on an explorative journey through, mediation, art, dancing, singing and makes you look at your surroundings in a different way.

Thanks so much to all you amazing creative souls for taking my indi on your journey. and of course, mama les xxxx

Had a ball doing the city Art Adventure Tour.

Thanks lisa and fiona for a wonderful day on friday.

It was such a nice way to spend a day together.

My two boys loved their art adventure day. They enjoyed all the planned activities, which were catered to their individual interests. The boys came home excited to share their experiences from the day and were proud to display their artworks from their big day. Thanks Fiona for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for art. The whole day was a hit! 

The boys couldn’t stop talking about their day all the way home (which is very rare! Haha).