As an Artist, I like to work with my hands.

As an Environmentalist, I like to contribute to a greener planet.

As a Feminist, I like to celebrate traditionally feminine practices.

I realised in 2017, I have a Wabi Sabi aesthetic which appreciates the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. To me, this is a celebration of the innate, unique imperfect beauty of all of us - humans and the rest of nature.

Thankies are an anomoly because they are a handmade "manufactured" item, yet they are all completely unique, making them more closely linked to being "original artworks" than "products".

They are all differently sized... some may even be shapes other than squares or rectangles. 

All the hankies, hanky racks and furoshiki gift wrapping fabric are made from recycled/preloved materials. 

Hankies, according to my research are:

• Softer on the nose

• Much more environmental a choice 

• Less prone to exacerbating allergies

• Just as hygienic as tissues

Let's bring back in to fashion the Hanky!

The real story though is about how I realised how valuable letting out grief, sorrow and rage, in a safe way, is for the soul, for healing and the planet. Without it we cannot grow and mature. There is a lot of holding in of 'difficult emotions' and finding ways to release these is so important. Hence, gratitude for letting it out - whether it be good old tears, snot, blood, or whatever!