The Vulva Project brings together a group of woman who have stitched, sculptured, drawn, collected and shared stories of vulvas; stories which are personal, social, humorous, cultural, historical and deeply political. 

The initial framework, so to speak, was the embroidery hoop; using any media the artists were to constrain their works to this object. The hoop functions as an homage to the ‘craft’ of feminist art practices, crafty women, sewing circles and female spaces. The hoop served to keep us centred, to circulate our thinking, as we met to laugh, drink, eat and discuss our feminist foremothers, contemporary body art, blogs, sites, words, language and performance. 

As these discussions spiraled outwards the hoop has, for some, been discarded as a physical object, however it has remained our collaborative methodology

The Vulva Project features:
Rebeka Axon
lynn mowson
Rosa Voto Ustrale
Alessandra Barone
Fiona Haasz
Jessica Lovell
Kaitlyn Elesgood
Robin Tregenza

the Launching Pad gallery

781 High Street, Thornbury

Opening Night: Friday 29 June 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition dates: 30 June to 22 July 2018

Hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 11am - 4pm